Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Quicker isn't always better!

Back in July 2012 Mr L was badly injured in a road traffic incident caused by another driver.  He suffered many injuries including a fractured hand, damage to his neck and was left feeling anxious about travelling anywhere as a result.

Mr L then instructed Flint Bishop LLP, a firm of solicitors to represent him in his time of need to get compensation for his pain and suffering.  He was sent for an orthopaedic examination and Flint Bishop then determined the value of his claim.  They advised him to settle for £4,500, which Mr L did in November 2012.

It wasn’t until much later that Mr L thought he might have been poorly advised into settling so soon after his incident.  He contacted Claim More Money and we immediately asked Flint Bishop LLP for Mr L’s file to review it.

After an investigation Claim More Money made a claim against Flint Bishop for professional negligence.  Flint Bishop denied any wrong doing, so Claim More Money were left with no choice but to issue Court proceeding against Flint Bishop LLP in order to get the right outcome for our client Mr L.

The case against Flint Bishop settled, resulting in an additional sum of £2,500 (on top of the £4,500 he already had) being paid to Mr L.

A great result for Claim More Money but a better one for Mr L. If you think that you have been ill advised in settling your personal injury claim then please contact Claim More Money on 0800 612 5030

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