Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Another Solicitor brought to task over under settlement of a claim!

Mr C instructed L & Co Solicitors to represent him after a road traffic accident on 8th April 2011.
Mr C suffered an injury to his left shoulder, neck and back and was told it would recover in some 15 months.

The pain in his neck however continued beyond this time and a further medical report was obtained confirming ongoing pain for a total recovery period of approximately 2 ½ years, with an element of psychological injury as Mr C had become stressed and frustrated because of the impact that the ongoing injury had upon his lifestyle.  L & Co eventually settled the claim in the sum of £7,446.06.

Mr C always felt that this settlement was slightly low and upon hearing our advert on the local television, he contacted Claim More Money and asked us to have a look at his file to see if in fact his claim had been under settled.

We were able to obtain the file of papers from L & Co without too much delay and we subsequently agreed with Mr C that in our opinion he should have obtained more compensation than that which he received.

We subsequently wrote on his behalf to L & Co and although they denied liability they subsequently agreed to pay to Mr C a further £1,750.00.

Mr C is now happy that he received the correct amount of compensation for the injuries he incurred!

Do you think this has happened to you? Call us on 0800 612 5030 and we can look at your previously settled claim on a no win no fee basis.

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