Thursday, 23 July 2015

8 out of 10 Is Bad!

Miss C v Leslie Charles Solicitors

Back in April 2009, Miss C was involved in a horrific accident at work.  She suffered many injuries, some of which were severe.  Since Miss C felt she wasn’t to blame for the accident, she instructed Leslie Charles Solicitors to represent her and pursue a claim for compensation.

Her case was settled by Leslie Charles Solicitors in June 2012 for £40,000. However, Miss C felt the advice given to her to settle at that time may not have been in her best interests.

Miss C contacted Claim More Money with her concerns and asked us to investigate.  Once Claim More Money had looked at Miss C’s case file we issued a claim for professional negligence against Leslie Charles Solicitors on behalf of Miss C.

The result of that claim was a further £10,000 for Miss C.  She was very glad she contacted Claim More Money, otherwise she would have never discovered that her former solicitor only got her 80% of the compensation she was entitled to.

If you think you have been ill advised in settling your personal injury claim then contact Claim More Money straight away on 0800 612 5030 or 

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