Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Solicitor Too Scared to Mention Scar?

Mr M was involved in a rear end shunt road traffic accident back in May 2010. He suffered a plethora of injuries including a horrifically large cut to his head.

He instructed Firm X to act for him and recover compensation from the Defendant. Unsurprisingly the Defendant admitted they were at fault and all that was left  for Firm X was working out how much compensation Mr M should rightly get for his injuries.

Mr M met with a medical expert who noted that the cut to the scalp had healed leaving a nasty and very visible 3cm scar. Despite this Firm X incredibly never asked for a photograph of his scarring, nor did they appear to factor in his scar in settling the claim.

Mr M has short hair and his scar was easy to see. He regularly gets asked what happened and he is self-conscious about the scar.  Mr M never wanted to be a model and certainly will never be one now.
After seeing our TV advert, Mr M took the simple step of instructing Claim More Money to double check things over for him, and he was pleased that he did!  We saw that the original settlement had not included the value of the long lasting damage from the scar and put a claim to Firm X for him. They tried to deny the claim, but their argument had about the same merit as the original settlement.  Therefore we hardly had to let Max loose on them before Firm X agreed to pay Mr M nearly £2000 in further compensation.  Another excellent result by the solicitors of Claim More Money (with a little help from Max).

If you have had a similar experience, or feel your claim was undervalued, let Max get you the compensation you should have got in the first place.  Call Claim More Money on 0800 612 5030