Friday, 8 May 2015

Claim More Money client successful in finding of negligence against previous solicitor

Ms P felt that she had been negligently advised by David Phillips & Partners Solicitors (DPP Law) following an accident that she had in June 2012. She had sustained a number of injuries to include headaches, scarring on her eyebrow, bruising to hip and elbow, and even psychological injury.

DPP subsequently advised Ms P to settle the claim for the sum of £3500. Ms P, upon seeing the advert from Claim More Money, felt that this advice had been wrong, and she should not have accepted the £3500 in accordance with their advice. We at Claim More Money were able to get a copy of the file, and upon reviewing same we agreed with her in that there had been an under-settlement. David Phillips fought the case, their professional opinion being that the award was “within the range of appropriate awards and the Defendant did not fall below the standard of a competent solicitor in advising acceptance of the said offer”.

We commenced legal proceedings on behalf of Ms P, and the matter proceeded to a trial, with the Court deciding that DPP had been negligent in their valuation of the claim and awarded Ms P a further £2500 in compensation, on top of the £3500 she had previously received. A successful day at Court for Ms P and Claim More Money!