Monday, 30 March 2015

More Wins for Claim More money Clients

Mr. E –v- Kippax Beaumont Lewis Solicitors.

Mr. E. was initially injured when he was unfortunately a passenger on a bus which was hit by another bus.  He suffered injury to his neck and back and in addition he became anxious whilst travelling.

He arranged for Kippax Beaumont Lewis Solicitors to represent him in his case for personal injury compensation, and when he saw the medical expert in respect of the same it was predicted that his neck injury would last for six months with his back injury three months.  The doctor felt that Mr. E.’s travel anxiety would settle within three months.

The claim was eventually settled by Kippax Beaumont Lewis for £1,900.00 compensation.  Mr. E. always felt that he had been ill advised in accepting that offer however it was not until he saw the advert from Claim More Money that he felt that he could actually do anything about it.  He subsequently gave us a call and we arranged 
to obtain his file of papers to have a look and provide him with a second opinion.

We agreed with Mr. E.
, and although a claim against Kippax Beaumont Lewis for under settlement was met with strenuous denials, we issued proceedings in Court on behalf of Mr. E.. Shortly thereafter an offer was made by his previous solicitors to pay to Mr. E. a further £1,200.00, which he accepted.

Miss R -v- Pryers Solicitors

We were instructed by Miss R to pursue a claim against Pryers Solicitors. She had instructed Pryers Solicitors to pursue a claim for compensation arising out of an accident in June 2011. The Claimant received £2,500.
Unfortunately when settling the Claimant’s claim they failed to have any regard for the psychological element of the Claimant’s injury. She was 8 months pregnant at the time of her accident and found her fall, in which she injured her ankle, extremely stressful.

Claim More Money pursued a claim against her former Solicitors, Pryers Solicitors, and it settled for a further £1,750 (in addition to the £2,500 she has previously received).

Two more great results for our clients.  If you have had a similar experience with your personal injury claim and felt that your solicitor was not giving you the best advice call us on 0800 612 5030