Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Another Solicitor brought to task over under settlement of a claim!

Mr C instructed L & Co Solicitors to represent him after a road traffic accident on 8th April 2011.
Mr C suffered an injury to his left shoulder, neck and back and was told it would recover in some 15 months.

The pain in his neck however continued beyond this time and a further medical report was obtained confirming ongoing pain for a total recovery period of approximately 2 ½ years, with an element of psychological injury as Mr C had become stressed and frustrated because of the impact that the ongoing injury had upon his lifestyle.  L & Co eventually settled the claim in the sum of £7,446.06.

Mr C always felt that this settlement was slightly low and upon hearing our advert on the local television, he contacted Claim More Money and asked us to have a look at his file to see if in fact his claim had been under settled.

We were able to obtain the file of papers from L & Co without too much delay and we subsequently agreed with Mr C that in our opinion he should have obtained more compensation than that which he received.

We subsequently wrote on his behalf to L & Co and although they denied liability they subsequently agreed to pay to Mr C a further £1,750.00.

Mr C is now happy that he received the correct amount of compensation for the injuries he incurred!

Do you think this has happened to you? Call us on 0800 612 5030 and we can look at your previously settled claim on a no win no fee basis.

Monday, 27 July 2015

When watching TV pays off!

Mr N and Mrs N v Silverbeck Rymer

We were instructed by a Mr and Mrs N to pursue a claim for professional negligence against their former solicitors, Silverbeck Rymer arising out of a road traffic accident they were involved in.

Mr and Mrs N instructed Silverbeck Rymer to pursue a claim for injuries arising out of a road traffic accident on the 31st December 2012.

The claim concluded relatively swiftly with Silverbeck Rymer advising they accept £1890.00 for Mrs N and £2500.00 for Mr N.

However, Mr and Mrs N felt their claims had been settled too soon as they were still suffering from the injuries caused in the crash long after the settlement.

They happened to see our advert on TV and realised all was not lost. There is something that can be done and so instructed Claim More Money to investigate.

We obtained the file of papers from Silverbeck Rymer and after a thorough investigation presented a claim for professional negligence to them.

The result was an extra £8100 each for Mr and Mrs N in addition to their original settlement.

Another good result for Claim More Money and a great one for our clients.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

8 out of 10 Is Bad!

Miss C v Leslie Charles Solicitors

Back in April 2009, Miss C was involved in a horrific accident at work.  She suffered many injuries, some of which were severe.  Since Miss C felt she wasn’t to blame for the accident, she instructed Leslie Charles Solicitors to represent her and pursue a claim for compensation.

Her case was settled by Leslie Charles Solicitors in June 2012 for £40,000. However, Miss C felt the advice given to her to settle at that time may not have been in her best interests.

Miss C contacted Claim More Money with her concerns and asked us to investigate.  Once Claim More Money had looked at Miss C’s case file we issued a claim for professional negligence against Leslie Charles Solicitors on behalf of Miss C.

The result of that claim was a further £10,000 for Miss C.  She was very glad she contacted Claim More Money, otherwise she would have never discovered that her former solicitor only got her 80% of the compensation she was entitled to.

If you think you have been ill advised in settling your personal injury claim then contact Claim More Money straight away on 0800 612 5030 or info@claimmoremoney.co.uk 

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Quicker isn't always better!

Back in July 2012 Mr L was badly injured in a road traffic incident caused by another driver.  He suffered many injuries including a fractured hand, damage to his neck and was left feeling anxious about travelling anywhere as a result.

Mr L then instructed Flint Bishop LLP, a firm of solicitors to represent him in his time of need to get compensation for his pain and suffering.  He was sent for an orthopaedic examination and Flint Bishop then determined the value of his claim.  They advised him to settle for £4,500, which Mr L did in November 2012.

It wasn’t until much later that Mr L thought he might have been poorly advised into settling so soon after his incident.  He contacted Claim More Money and we immediately asked Flint Bishop LLP for Mr L’s file to review it.

After an investigation Claim More Money made a claim against Flint Bishop for professional negligence.  Flint Bishop denied any wrong doing, so Claim More Money were left with no choice but to issue Court proceeding against Flint Bishop LLP in order to get the right outcome for our client Mr L.

The case against Flint Bishop settled, resulting in an additional sum of £2,500 (on top of the £4,500 he already had) being paid to Mr L.

A great result for Claim More Money but a better one for Mr L. If you think that you have been ill advised in settling your personal injury claim then please contact Claim More Money on 0800 612 5030

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Solicitor Too Scared to Mention Scar?

Mr M was involved in a rear end shunt road traffic accident back in May 2010. He suffered a plethora of injuries including a horrifically large cut to his head.

He instructed Firm X to act for him and recover compensation from the Defendant. Unsurprisingly the Defendant admitted they were at fault and all that was left  for Firm X was working out how much compensation Mr M should rightly get for his injuries.

Mr M met with a medical expert who noted that the cut to the scalp had healed leaving a nasty and very visible 3cm scar. Despite this Firm X incredibly never asked for a photograph of his scarring, nor did they appear to factor in his scar in settling the claim.

Mr M has short hair and his scar was easy to see. He regularly gets asked what happened and he is self-conscious about the scar.  Mr M never wanted to be a model and certainly will never be one now.
After seeing our TV advert, Mr M took the simple step of instructing Claim More Money to double check things over for him, and he was pleased that he did!  We saw that the original settlement had not included the value of the long lasting damage from the scar and put a claim to Firm X for him. They tried to deny the claim, but their argument had about the same merit as the original settlement.  Therefore we hardly had to let Max loose on them before Firm X agreed to pay Mr M nearly £2000 in further compensation.  Another excellent result by the solicitors of Claim More Money (with a little help from Max).

If you have had a similar experience, or feel your claim was undervalued, let Max get you the compensation you should have got in the first place.  Call Claim More Money on 0800 612 5030

Friday, 8 May 2015

Claim More Money client successful in finding of negligence against previous solicitor

Ms P felt that she had been negligently advised by David Phillips & Partners Solicitors (DPP Law) following an accident that she had in June 2012. She had sustained a number of injuries to include headaches, scarring on her eyebrow, bruising to hip and elbow, and even psychological injury.

DPP subsequently advised Ms P to settle the claim for the sum of £3500. Ms P, upon seeing the advert from Claim More Money, felt that this advice had been wrong, and she should not have accepted the £3500 in accordance with their advice. We at Claim More Money were able to get a copy of the file, and upon reviewing same we agreed with her in that there had been an under-settlement. David Phillips fought the case, their professional opinion being that the award was “within the range of appropriate awards and the Defendant did not fall below the standard of a competent solicitor in advising acceptance of the said offer”.

We commenced legal proceedings on behalf of Ms P, and the matter proceeded to a trial, with the Court deciding that DPP had been negligent in their valuation of the claim and awarded Ms P a further £2500 in compensation, on top of the £3500 she had previously received. A successful day at Court for Ms P and Claim More Money!

Thursday, 2 April 2015

More Success!

Claim More Money were instructed by Mr M to pursue a claim for professional negligence against Paul Rooney Solicitors.

Mr M originally instructed Paul Rooney Solicitors to pursue a claim for compensation arising out of a road traffic accident in June 2013.

He instructed Claim More Money as he felt he had been poorly served by Paul Rooney Solicitor who settled his claim prematurely.

Claim More Money pursued a claim against Paul Rooney Solicitors and obtained a further £1,500 for Mr M.

If you think your Solicitor had dealt with your case poorly or your case has been under settled then please call us on 0800 612 5030